Wednesday, December 31, 2014

FLOURINATED WATER IS KILLER. STOP TOOTHPASTE WITH FLOURIDE would like you all to read this trembling story and decide if you want to trust Doctors and Govt officials pushing for Flourinated water,toothpaste.
Story starts with a Farm House of Wayne and Cathy Justus ,raising  horses on their farm without trouble untill 1985, water fluoridation was introduced. He observed that Horses did not drink flourinated water in cold ,instead ate Ice to get water but in summer ,they  had to drink poisionous flourinated water.Horses were so smart that they started using hoops to dig hole and istead drink dirty water from ground after rains but avoided flourinated water.

Quarter_Horse(REFON)-cleaned“Horses on average… will drink 10-12 gallons a day. A lactating mare can actually double that amount. Ironic is the horses that we had get the sickest the quickest were the mares that were lactating,” Cathy says.
The speculation here is very much alive. It’s one thing if you’re skeptical about chemical additives in drinking water, but it’s a whole different story when animals try to avoid it completely. However, this case is not only fueled by speculation, but scientific data.
Horses were found to have following symptoms of exposure to flouride-
  • crooked legs
  • fluorosis
  • hoof deformities
  • reproductive issues
  • hyperostosis and enostosis
  • reduced bone resorption
The foregoing clinical and morphological observations, together with the bone fluoride analyses, establish the diagnosis of chronic fluoride intoxication of horses in this study causes by consumption of artificially fluoridated drinking water.” (Lennart P Krook in a 2006 publication)
It had been confirmed. Fluoridated water killed Cathy and Wayne Justus’ 6 horses and possibly their 4 dogs. Not only did they lose their beloved animals, but each horse was worth around $500,000, making it a $3 million loss.
The dangers of fluoride are not a mystery, nor a conspiracy.The people of Pagosa Springs are a prime example of what happens when a community is educated and decides to join together and make a change. Unfortunately, it took the deaths of animals for it to be a valid issue in the eyes of many, but nonetheless, they beat it.


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