Monday, October 20, 2014


Yoga positions and Pranayama Deep Breathing Techniques for Weight Loss
Bhastrika Pranayama
Yoga Therapy for Obesity - Lose Weight with Yoga and PranayamaFirst sit comfortably in an easy asana position, like sukhasana or the padamasana, and then the breathing technique is performed. Here, the breath is inhaled deeply into the lungs and then exhaled through both nostrils. It may be repeated a number of times.
Kapal Bhati
This technique is believed to create a glow on the forehead. While sitting in an asana position, the breath that is being exhaled is made to puff out with force. Also the stomach moves in automatically as the breath is being released. Jalaneti Previously warmed salty water is made to enter that nostril through which the breath is being inhaled. For this purpose a small kettle like vessel is generally used. The water is made to enter from one nostril and the head is tilted to the other side to enable the water to flow from the other nostril.
Lie on your stomach keeping both the hands below the shoulders while the feet are joined at the back. Then slowly breathe in and lift your waist upwards and backwards as much as possible, this asana creates the shape of a snake with the body.
Trikon Asana
Standing straight, keep a distance of approximately two feet between the legs. Then first turn to the left side with the right arm stretched over the head and touching the right ear. Try touching your left foot with the left hand. Then repeat the same process in the right direction.
Surya Mudra
Here, the ring finger is made to settle at the root of the thumb, with the thumb exerting a little pressure on the ring finger. As this alignment tends to increase warmth in the body systems, it is generally recommended to be practiced for fifteen to twenty minutes daily.

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