Monday, October 20, 2014


When am I most fertile?chances of conception is stronger before the age of 36 for both men and women. For men, 3 days of abstinence (lack of ejaculation) allows the body produce sufficient sperm to make them more fertile.
Women are most fertile during ovulation and 2-3 days after it. Ovulation occurs halfway through your menstrual cycle i.e. between 10-16 before menstruation. For example, if the menstrual period is 30 days apart, then ovulation occurs on 16th day. If the menstrual cycle is 28 days apart, then it occurs on the 14th day. If the menstrual cycle is 32 days apart, then ovulation occurs on the 18th day.
To have a better chance at conception, it’s a good idea to be sexually active on alternate days or once in three days starting from 10th day of the cycle upto 20th day. This is considered better than trying everyday because total sperm production and semen volume recovery might take upto 2 days. Sperm can live up to six days in a woman’s body, so you can try a few days before you ovulate for chances of conception.

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