Thursday, May 15, 2014

16 Foods So Bad For You They’re BANNED In Some Countries. But Not America

There are foods that you eat, possibly every day, that are so toxic that they are banned from being used in countries. The European Union, China and other superpowers have backed off from using some heavily processed foods and chemicals that have been proven to cause health issues when consumed. But not the United States.You have probably consumed at least one of these food items in the past day, if not more. Each and every one of them have been banned in other countries.
1.) The burgers you eat every day.
2.) Eat chicken nuggets? Or other fast food chicken?
3.) Pssst, there is poison in your chicken.
4.) Mmm, asthma pork chops.
5.) Energy drinks are worse than you thought.
6.) How does TAR make its way in?
7.) Chicken washed in chems... yum.

8.) The bread you're eating is awful.
9.) Bleached flour can't possibly be tasty.
10.) I think I would prefer the rotten meat.
11.) Mmm. Antibiotics.
12.) This is how mutants are created.
13.) They create tumors... but we totally eat them.
14.) It's what's in your baby formula.
15.) How to sterilize the masses.
16.) That's right. Anal leakage.

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