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Saraswati Mantras for Quick Knowledge

Saraswati Mantra for Quick Knowledge
This is a short term Saraswati Mantra Sadhana, which has to be practiced for just 21 days. The Saraswati Mantra given below is composed using a specific set of Beej Mantras and Aksharas that are said to enhance the knowledge grasping and retention ability of the practitioner and hence he is able to quickly gain the knowledge, which he is striving to gain.

ॐ ह्रीं श्रां श्रूं श्रः हं सं  थः थः  ठः ठः सरस्वती भगवती विद्या प्रसादं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||
Om Hreem Shraam Shroom Shrah Ham Sam Thah Thah Thaah Thaah Saraswati Bhagavati Vidya Prasaadam Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

The Vidhi or procedure of practicing this Saraswati Mantra Prayog for quickly gaining the desired or sought after knowledge is simple and uncomplicated, the practitioner has to chant the Mantra 1000 times daily for 21 days using any kind of preferred counting rosary,

2] Saraswati Mantra for gain of Desired Knowledge / Expertise
This is a six months long Mantra Sadhana of Saraswati Mata for gaining any kind of desired knowledge and becoming an expert in the chosen field or profession.

The practitioner has to chant the Saraswati Mantra given below for 1 Mala or 108 Mantra Repetitions, in the morning and then put 5 drops of Malkangini Oil on a Batasha and consume the Batasha.

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं वद् वद् वाग्वादिनी स्वाहा  ||
Om Hreem Shreem Vad Vad Vagvadini Swaha ||

Malkangini Ka Tel as explained in a recent post is called as the Oil of the Intellect Tree or Black Oil Tree and Batasha is the common India Sugar / Rock Candy that is normally a part of Puja Samagri.

3] Wonders of the Aim Beej Mantra of Saraswati Mata
The Sadhana of the Aim Beej – ऐं बीज Mantra of Saraswati Mata is considered to be a most powerful way for removing mental blocks and the wrong knowledge retained in the mind and consciousness and gain the correct knowledge and even get a Darshan or vision of Saraswati Mantra.

This was explained in an earlier article written a few years back, this article can be seen here – Magical Mantra to Make Saraswati Mata Manefest

This 11 days Mantra Sadhana can be practiced by practitioners who are well-versed with such Satvik or Pure Mantra Sadhanas. However, lay-persons and others who wish to seek the grace of Saraswati Mata can simply keep chanting the Aim Beej Mantra daily.

There is no need to use a counting rosary for this purpose, but, the practitioner should make an effort to chant the Mantra for a fixed period of time daily. The Mantra will work wonders, if the practitioner chants it enthusiastically and not as a unavoidable part of a daily routine or burden that has to be performed.

The magical effects of the Aim Beej Mantra will start becoming visible after a few months of dedicated chanting and the Mantra will become Siddh after the completion of 1 Million Mantra Chants.

Notes- People intending to practice any Mantra Sadhana dedicated towards Saraswati Mata should do so with a Satvik or Pure mental attitude and maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Satvikta or purity does not mean simply abstaining from non-veg food and maintaining celibacy, it is essentially the purity of the mind that matters.

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